Our mission is to make Earth a greener and less polluted place. We can succeed in two ways.
First, we must innovate for a CO2 free future. Secondly, we must provide guidance and help to investors and innovators to avoid common mistakes with ‘OverUnity’ and similar products.

All over the Internet, the hype about ‘OverUnity’, ‘MEG’ and similar innovations can be easily seen, but a closer look reveals that almost all of the innovations have one common mistake. For more information about Over Unity go Here.

Offsetting is not an alternative to carbon reduction but it is an intrinsic part of a package of measures that needs to be put in place as we go the road to a low carbon future. For more information about Offsetting.

There can be other ways to achieve our goals and we must be willing to help different researcher test their concepts and products. I am proposing some ideas that are based on the laws of thermodynamics. However the accuracy of these concepts cannot be guaranteed. One of the concepts involves the ‘Unbalanced Processes’. Further information can be found at Challenge page.

The laws of thermodynamics should not be the only basis to reject a hypothesis or theory because the laws themselves have never been proved beyond all doubt. We must be open to different ideas and concepts that could help us achieve a CO2 free future.

We are willing to support projects that can reduce CO2 emissions effectively. We have formal methods and procedures in place to evaluate your claims. However any attempt to fraud us or proposing an already failed project would be put under the Scam Watch list. So please don’t be bothered to contact us if the idea has already been tested and found to be ineffective.